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The Herbal Remedy Handbook is not just another book about herbs. It teaches you how you can use herbs to improve your body, mind and spirit.

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      Learn what herbal remedies are and how you can use them to heal mental, physical and spiritual complaints. . .

      Find out how to combine herbal products with traditional pharmaceuticals to enhance your overall wellness. . .

      Learn how to use aromatherapy to clear up the common cold and alleviate chronic headaches. . .

      Discover our A-Z guide of symptoms and solutions to common problems herbs can treat.

      Discover what centuries old herb helps strengthen memory and improve your circulation.

      Find out what natural herbs combat memory loss and help prevent other age related problems.

      Find out how the ancient Chinese coped with menopause using a simple yet effective herbal remedy.

      Learn how a natural plant may help strengthen and tone your uterus, improving your fertility and easing child labor and recovery. . .

      Discover the #1 calming and soothing herb for gastrointestinal problems, digestive symptoms and even bloating. . .


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