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Here is a list of common ailments, and the herbal remedies that are often used to combat them. If you have been diagnosed with a certain disease or disorder, you may be able to try an herbal remedy. Make sure you check with a doctor or herbalist if you are already taking a prescription drug, because certain prescription drugs can have interactions with herbal remedies. Also, do not substitute herbal cures for prescription medications unless your doctor has cleared you to do so. Certain ailments, such as heart problems, require specific continued doses of prescription medication. If you are currently being treated by a physician for a medical problem and you would like to try an herbal remedy, consult your doctor. Explain your desire to try to treat your condition with herbal remedies and ask for his help in figuring out how best to go about it.

That being said, many herbal cures are available for common ailments, especially those you don't normally see a doctor for, such as sunburn and upset stomach. Many herbal remedies are safe to use if you are not already on a prescription drug.


Some acne usually occurs in teenagers, although many adults have occasional bouts of acne as well. There are many factors that contribute to acne. Keratin is a protein that is produced by the skin cells, and too much of it can form clumps that block oil ducts. When this happens, bacteria can form, causing a pimple. Another possible cause of acne in teen girls is hormonal changes. Other theories about acne have little foundation to back them up. For example, certain foods have been said to cause acne, such as chocolate or French fries. These claims are unfounded. There is no evidence that foods cause acne. There are drug treatments available for the treatment of acne. The most common are topical treatments, which often contain antibiotics. Herbal remedies for acne include:

Altitude Sickness




Bladder Infections





Bursitis or Tendonitis

Canker Sores

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cold Sores

Colds or the Flu


Cuts and Scrapes





Ear Infections




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