Herbal Tea


Block bloating with Marshmallow Tea

Sipping 6 oz. of this mild, slightly sweet brew before each meal could cut your risk of bloating and belly pain 50% - or ease any uncomfortable symptoms you already have within 30 minutes, University of Hawaii research reveals. This herbal tea is rich in mucilage, a soothing compound that coats the digestive tract and reduces bloat-triggering inflammation, says Lauri Steel-smith, N.D. author of Natural Choices for Woman's Health.

Live years longer with Green Tea!

Think you have no control over how fast you age? Not so! Just drinking three cups of green tea daily can slow aging enough to add as much as five extra years to your life--regardless of your genes or other factors, new research in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests.
Why It works: Aging is primarily controlled by tiny biological clocks (telomeres) on the ends of your chromosomes that protect your DNA from harm --which is key to a long and healthy life. And green tea is rich in unique antioxidants that slow how fast these clocks tick, helping you live longer!

Make mornings easier with Melatonin and sunshine!

Are you one of the millions of women who tend to head to bed late, then struggle to get up in the a.m.? Transform yourself into a "morning" person by taking .5 mg. of melatonin after dinner, then sitting by a sunny window after waking up. Do this daily, and you'll be a happier and healthier morning person within two weeks!
Why it works: Most night owls have "Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder", meaning the inner clock that reulates their sleep is out of sinc. Morning sunshine resets that clock, so your brain releases its own melatonin at the correct time of day. As a result, you feel drowier earlier and fall qsleep more easily. Supplementing with melatonin early in the evening reinforces the effect, speeding the switch!

Sipping Tea reduces stroke risk

Drinking three or more cups of black or green tea daily reduces your risk of stroke 21%, concludes a UCLA review of nine studies. Both brews contain compounds (including the antioxidant EGCG and the amino acid theanine) that block stroke-triggering molecules in the brain.

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